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Restraining Box - KMU IV



Based on Mark IV SystemAUD
Live cattle slaughter of 20–30 per head, per hour
• Hydraulic controls
• Animal fully restrained with clamping mechanism to the body & neck or head
with clear access to the neck for slaughter
• Access to stun animal in standing position
• Power supply 220/240 volt 15amp electric single phase power unit
• Full & open access to box
• Full checker plate floor w/- anti slip bars
• Fully enclosed sheeted sides so animal cannot see kill floor
• Full side gate for easy access to clear if needed for animal exit
• Rubber buffer support for animal where needed
• Blood drain tray built into table to capture all excess
• Each individual hydraulic ram restraint for body, head, neck and roll over to be controlled by single person
• Hydraulic controls to be mounted on swinging pivot arm at side of box
• Direct coupled hydraulic pump to motor with no belts or gear connections
• Minimum 9 litre per minute hydraulic pump
• Heavy duty construction of hot dipped galvanized material
• All moving parts (pins bushes) etc, easy access for lubrication
• Manufactured weight should be 900KG to 1100KG minimum

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